True M30 Elliptical Review

I used to shy away from higher-priced ellipticals because of my limited budget, but I learned the hard way the cheaper models can sometimes cost you more in the long run; it may be worth your while to save up and invest in a solid machine that will last for years. The True M30 is a new elliptical on the market and it is on the higher of the elliptical price scale, but after reviewing it I’m considering starting a savings plan with the goal of purchasing one. Aside from the features and benefits of using the machine, knowing that you invested so much of your hard-earned money in it can be a strong motivator for you to get up and use it on days when you may not feel like working out.

If you are serious about exercising and will most likely use your elliptical very often, it is a good idea to invest in a high quality, high-performance machine like the new True M30 – it will be able to survive very intense workouts, year after year. The M30 is True Fitness’ introductory home elliptical model, and they went all out to make this an outstanding piece of machinery. It is stable, quiet, and full of innovative features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Virtual Personal Trainer

True has added a new, patented virtual reality training Cardio 360TM program into the M30. The virtual coach, MIX 3, will add variety to your workout sessions and allow you to isolate and target different muscle groups with a number of different exercises. If you have gotten used to using regular ellipticals you should be able to appreciate the diversity offered by this innovative virtual reality program. It should keep things interesting and help you to stay motivated in working out and achieving your fitness goals.

Upper Body Only

True fitness has been around since 1981 and they have a reputation creating innovative and award-winning products. Their innovation shines with the True M30 as it is the first elliptical in the industry to offer an upper-body only workout. It is true that while most ellipticals can give you a full-body workout, the focus is usually on the lower body and the upper body doesn’t normally get a very intense workout. With the M30 you will be able to stand on the side steps of the machine and use the moving handlebars to focus on your chest, arms, and back as well as many of the muscles in your core. I think that this is an excellent, innovative feature from True and I, for one, would definitely use this option often if I were to own this machine.

Innovative New Options

I already mentioned the patented Cardio 360 virtual training program on the M30, but there are several other innovative features on this unique elliptical. It also has the patented Heart Rate Control technology as well as the HRC Cruise Control for which True is known. With this technology you can push yourself to higher fitness levels. It will automatically set your heart rate when you touch the HRC Cruise Control button after you reach your targeted training level; it helps you keep your heart rate constant for the duration of your workout session.

And then there is the patented Core Drive system (notice how they have a lot of patented features?) that enhances the balance and stability of the machine by keeping you in the center of the exercise motion. It also helps the machine to maintain a very smooth and natural movement. Let’s not forget the side steps on the M30, which are another innovative feature. They add to the versatility of the machine by allowing you to do upper-body only workouts.

Some Extra Features

You will get not one, but two bottle holders on the True M30 elliptical trainer. This is good news for persons who like to drink a lot of water during their workouts but, personally, I think it’s a bit of overkill. What I appreciate is the rubber-lined reading rack and tablet holder that will help to keep your books and devices safe while you workout. I also like that it has heart rate sensors and is wirelessly compatible with third-party chest straps, although it would have been nice if a chest strap was actually included, as is common with ellipticals in this price range.

Missing Incline Ability

When you pay over $2000 for an elliptical machine, as is the case with the M30, you’d think that it would have an incline function, but alas, this machine does not. The missing incline is disappointing to say the least, but the manufacturers seem to have been more focused on the stability and overall quality of the machine. It does give you the ability to do upper body, lower body and full body workouts, plus it has a virtual trainer and several preset programs as well. So in hindsight all of that should keep you busy and make up for the absence of the incline feature to a large degree.


Well, this is one heck of a machine. No other elliptical that I have reviewed has as many innovative features as the True M30. It has a virtual personal coach, HRC cruise control, upper-body only workouts, preset programs … and the list goes on. Feature-packed feels like an understatement when it comes to this elliptical. All these features are housed in one expertly crafted, compact, and stable machine. You may pay big bucks for the True M30, but from where I am sitting it looks like you will get more than what you pay for in the durability and performance of this outstanding machine.

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