Schwinn 470 Elliptical Review

As we are in the age of technology and the Internet, more and more people like myself are finding ways to incorporate the world wide web into our fitness strategies. Understandably, manufacturers of fitness machines are also catching on to this trend, and some of them are now designing their machines to take advantage of the latest technological advances. Schwinn is one of those companies and their newer machines like the Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine have SchwinnConnect, which allows you to export data and upload it online for easier tracking. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to review this particular model even though I already reviewed the Schwinn 430, which is like the Schwinn 470’s little brother. This offers more features, more options, and a higher price tag; let’s see if the 470 is a better option for you.

More Workout Options

I have seen ellipticals with 10, 15, even 20 preset workout programs on the console monitor, but only a select few have the 29 programs that you will find on this machine. The programs include 12 preset workout programs, 4 customizable programs, and 2 fitness tests. That will certainly be more than enough to keep you on your toes (no pun intended) and help you get the most out of your workouts.

While the console on most ellipticals can keep track of the workout data for one user and a few others will allow you to record the data for two separate users, the Schwinn 470 has all of four user profiles. If you are not the only one in your household who will be using the elliptical to work out with, this feature is great; it will allow up to four different people to record and track their progress individually.

More Comfortable Sessions

Even though working out isn’t easy, you should still be reasonably comfortable while you sweat away those calories on your elliptical. This trainer from Schwinn has several features that were designed with your comfort in mind. The stationary and moving handles are both ergonomically placed to allow for natural and comfortable hand movements. The footplates are cushioned and oversized so that your feet can also be comfortable during your workout sessions. This machine also has Precision Path foot-motion technology and a 20-inch stride that will allow most people to use it comfortably.

I personally like to work up a sweat during my workouts but for those who don’t like to be sweaty and sticky the entire time, the Schwinn 470 has a built-in 3-speed fan to help you cool off and be more comfortable. There is also an oversized bottle holder for you to keep some water nearby so that you can replenish the moisture that you are sweating away. There’s nothing like a little entertainment to help you go the extra mile in your workouts and this elliptical has an USB port that you can use to connect your tablet or other device when you need some extra motivation to keep going. The acoustic speakers on this unit will allow you to turn up the volume and listen to your favorite workout music in high-quality sound.

More About the Console

I spoke about the various options on the Schwinn 470’s console earlier, but it does have some other useful features that warrant mentioning, such as the two LCD display windows. The Schwinn DualTrack display allows you to see up to 13 different sets of workout data at once. If you are using the reading rack to hold your tablet or book, the first monitor will be covered but you will still be able to see your important workout data on the second display window located below the reading rack.

You can also record your workout data via the console’s USB port and upload it to the SchwinnConnect website for easier tracking of your progress. You can do this with the popular MyFitnessPal website as well and keep abreast of how your are doing with your workouts as time goes on. This kind of connectivity with the Internet and fitness communities can really help to push you toward achieving your fitness goals.

There are 25 levels of resistance on this elliptical trainer and you can adjust the resistance level quickly by using one of the 5 resistance quick-keys on the console. There are similarly 5 incline quick-keys that can be used to instantly adjust the incline as well.

Room For Improvement

There isn’t a lot about the Schwinn 470 that I didn’t like, but I did find one or two things that I think could be improved. First, while it does have heart-rate monitors built into the handgrips, it would have been nice if the manufacturers had also included a chest strap for wireless heart-rate monitoring as well. To be fair though, it is compatible with external chest heart rate monitors if you don’t mind purchasing that separately.

I also think the incline could be better. I appreciate the fact that the Schwinn 470 does have the ability to incline whereas some others in this price range do not offer this feature at all, but with a maximum incline of only 10 degrees isn’t really much to work with. I would have liked to see at least 20 degrees of incline on this machine, which is the average that you will find on other ellipticals with incline ability.


I like that you can upload your workout data online and keep track of your progress. I am already a member of MyFitnessPal and this online community is very supportive and motivational. I can see how being able to share my workout data online would be able to help me stay motivated. The large number of workout programs is very good for keeping things interesting when you are working out as well. Besides the few things I mentioned that I would like to see improved, this is all-round a very good elliptical, and even though it falls into the mid-price range I dare say it could rival some of the higher priced models.

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