Nautilus E614 Elliptical Review

The name Nautilus may conjure up images of the famous submarine, but the only water you will be submerged under when you use this sturdy machine is your own sweat. The Nautilus brand is well known for producing innovative and technologically-advanced exercise machines. They started out making commercial gym exercise equipment and have been able to successfully carry their tradition of making quality machines over into the home fitness trainer industry.

If you are shopping for an elliptical in the mid-price range and want to get the most bang for your buck, this machine is one to consider for sure. It can be used to get a good full-body workout that is easy on your joints, and it has some features, like its high tech DualTrack LCD monitor and its ability to download exercise data, that you would typically find only on higher-priced models. Let’s get into the review and see what else the Nautilus E614 has to offer.

Should Last for Years

When a manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty on the frame of their machine, as is the case with the Nautilus E614, that is a pretty good indicator of how durable the machine is. This trainer weighs a sturdy 186 pounds, and while you will need to use the included transport wheels to be able to move it around, that kind of weight helps improve the stability of the machine. The stability of the machine is further enhanced by its perimeter-weighted flywheel, which helps it to be more balanced. It is large and sturdy enough to compete with some commercial-grade machines, and it has a user weight-capacity of up to 300 pounds.

The E614 uses a magnetic resistance system with an eddy current brake. This type of resistance causes the machine to run smoothly and be very quiet in its operation. It also means that the machine will experience very little friction and, therefore, you should incur very few maintenance costs. This elliptical trainer has pretty good handles and foot pedals as well. There are two sets of handles, one stationary and one moving. The stationary handles have built-in heart rate sensors that record and send your heart rate to the monitor. The moving handlebars are what you will use to get your upper-body workout on this machine. The foot pedals are oversized and cushioned, so they should fit most users comfortably.

DualTrack LCD Monitor

The DualTrack LCD monitor on the E614’s console is the feature I like the best on this machine. It has two screens and, since the main screen will be blocked if you place a large object like a tablet or book on the reading rack, the second screen is located just below the rack so that you will still be able to see your workout data. This solves the issue of having to remove your tablet or book every time you need to check your speed or the number of calories burned. Looks to me like Nautilus put a lot of thought into the design of this machine.

Some other useful features on the console are the USB port, which can be used to charge your tablet or phone, and the 22 workout programs that you can use to add variety to your workouts. Nine of the twenty-two programs are preset programs which include mountain rides, fun rides, and challenges. With the Nautilus E614 you can also transfer your workout data via USB to websites such as or and keep track of your progress. There are two user-profiles available on this unit as well.

Warranty and Service

I have mixed feelings about the warranty on this elliptical. You get 10 years on the frame, which I think is great, but only 90 days on labor, 1 year on electrical, and 2 years on mechanical. Workout machines are notorious for needing maintenance every now and then, and ellipticals are no different. I would like to see longer warranties on the parts and labor. But I will say this – they do seem to have very good customer service. When I was doing my research and looking through user reviews online, I saw several incidents of the Nautilus customer service team reaching out to persons who were having issues with their machine. That says to me that Nautilus cares about their customers and is willing to go the extra mile to give them help when they need it.

Manual Incline

You will have to stop working out for a few moments to adjust the machine if you want to change the incline angle during your workout. Having the ability to incline enhances the quality of the workout that you can get from the machine; it will let you work out more muscle groups for a fuller, total-body workout. But having to stop to change the incline level manually can be a bit distracting, in my opinion. I would have preferred to see a power incline option on the Nautilus E614, but the truth is that many ellipticals at this price point don’t have an incline feature at all. Manual incline is better than no incline any day of the week, so having to stop for a few seconds to change the incline to one of the 6 available levels is only a small sacrifice for having this great feature.


The Nautilus E614 is from the same company behind popular brands like Bowflex and Schwinn, so it is no surprise that this is a well made, high-quality machine. It delivers a smooth motion, and has plenty of features as well as a very attractive design. Did I mention the integrated cooling fan and the on-board speakers that you can use to listen to your motivational workout tunes? This is a great mid-priced machine from a reputable manufacturer; newbies and experienced exercisers alike will be able to use it for a great workout.

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