Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Review

When you don’t have the time to go to the gym, having fitness equipment at home can really help you to stay on track with your fitness goals. As soon as I realized that I would not be able to make it to the gym nearly as often as I was used to, I knew I had to find an at-home workout machine that could help me stay in shape. For me the best solution was to get an elliptical trainer, as I wanted one machine that could give me a full body workout and challenge me enough to continuously improve my fitness level. Ellipticals are also well-known for being low-impact exercise machines that are easy on the joints, and I while I don’t have any serious joint conditions I like this feature because I don’t want to put any unnecessary stress on my joints, since I like to do pretty intense workouts.

So in my hunt for the perfect elliptical I came across the Horizon Fitness EX-59 and the EX-59-02; I decided to review the EX-59-02 as it is the newer, improved version of the EX-59 and I only want to present you with the best options for your home elliptical. The EX-59-02 is designed to be an effective and user-friendly elliptical trainer that has all the comfort features you would expect to find on a quality machine. Here is a more detailed look at what I was able to learn about this fitness trainer.

SixStar Certification

The manufacturers of the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 did some biomechanical research and designed a system incorporating six key elements that help this elliptical to be more efficient as well as have a natural, smooth movement. Here are the 6 elements:

ZEROgap – the foot pedals on the EX-59-02 are designed with no gaps between them so that the amount of stress on the back and hips during your workouts is reduced.

IDEALfit – the handlebars are ergonomically designed and placed at a height that is comfortable and easy to use for persons of all body types, large and small alike.

SUREstep – you will have a much easier time getting on the EX-59-02 than you would on the average elliptical because its pedals are only 10-inches off the ground. This makes is safe for you to get on and off the machine.

FLATellipse – to give you a very natural and organic feel whether you are walking or running, the footpath on this machine is located in the optimal position.

SMOOTHpulley – your workout experience on this elliptical should be efficient and smooth due to the large drive-pulley ratio, which is bigger than what you will find on the average elliptical.

StraightUP – the EX-59-02 was designed to help you keep your posture upright throughout your workout, which in turn allows to you to be more comfortable and get better results.

Weight Loss Programs

Aside from the regular workout data that you would expect to get from the console on an elliptical machine (time, distance, speed, calories, etc) you will also have your choice of 10 preset workout programs on this machine; two of them are geared specifically towards weight loss. This is awesome news for persons who want to get an elliptical to help them achieve their weight loss goals (which so many of us do). One program is called “Weight Loss” and the other is “Weight Loss Plus”. As you can imagine, Weight Loss Plus will give you a more intense workout to help you continue to shed those pounds after you complete the Weight Loss program. There is a “Calorie Goal” preset program that can help with your weight loss goals as well. Other programs include Intervals, Constant Watts and Reverse Train. I think most persons will be able to find a program or two that they can use to their benefit.

Surround Sound

If you have read some of my other reviews then you probably know that I am a fan of being able to entertain myself while I work out. When exercising on the EX-59-02 you will be able to plug in your MP3 player to listen to your favorite workout tunes in surround sound on its Sonic speakers. There is nothing like some motivational music to help you pick up the pace and maximize the impact of your workouts. The console also has a port for plugging in your headphones so you can still listen to your music even if you don’t want people around you to hear those fantastic tunes. Just a quick side note here – I find that my workout sessions are a great time for me to catch up on my reading. I don’t do so much traditional reading anymore; I listen to audiobooks and, as I don’t have much time to devote to reading, I use my workout time to accomplish both reading (listening) and exercising. That’s killing two birds with one stone and I love it. Maybe this can help you as well – you will be amazed at how many books you can cover if you listen to audiobooks when you workout regularly.

No Incline

The feature that is most missed on this elliptical trainer is the incline. When you have the incline option on an elliptical it adds variety to your workout sessions and lets you engage more muscle groups as well. Unfortunately, the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 does not have an incline feature and some people, especially those who have advanced fitness levels, will prefer a machine with this feature. People at the new or intermediate levels will most likely find the EX-59-02 to be challenging even without an incline feature.


I am pretty sure that well-seasoned exercise enthusiasts will be disappointed with the absence of an incline feature, but for virtually everyone else this is a quality machine that has been thoughtfully designed to help you reach your fitness goals and be comfortable while doing so. I think Horizon Fitness did a good job of improving on the strengths of the previous model to make this elliptical one that is sturdy, quiet, and very smooth.

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