Health Benefits

See how elliptical exercises can help you achieve your goals.

How Ellipticals Help Improve Your Health

You may know that an elliptical is a great machine for exercise but do you know exactly how great it is? If you are thinking about getting one of these exercise machines for your home, you should be aware of all the health benefits that it has so that you can make the most of it. Elliptical trainers can give you a great cardiovascular workout, they can be used to work both your upper and lower body, and nearly anyone can use them since they are low impact and won’t cause stress on your joints. Let’s take a closer look at these health benefits of using an elliptical.

Little or No Stress On Your Joints

The fact that elliptical exercise is low impact is one of the reasons why so many people are drawn to use an elliptical trainers. When you use an elliptical, your feet stay in contact with the foot pedals for the entire time. For this reason, even though it is a weight-bearing exercise there is usually very little and, in some cases, no impact on your joints. This means that people who have joint issues such as knee or hip pain will be able to use an elliptical comfortably, without causing further damage to their joints. People getting over injuries will also, in most cases, be able to use an elliptical to help them exercise as they recover.

Get A Full Body Workout

Most elliptical trainers that you will find on the market today come equipped with moving arms for working out your upper body. So when you are using an elliptical trainer you can work your lower body and your upper body at the same time for a total full-body workout. Other machines, like exercise bikes and treadmills, will only work your lower body. You will benefit from using an elliptical by being able to get a more complete workout in the same amount of time that it would take you to work out just your lower body on one of the other machines.

When you use an elliptical with moving arms you will be working muscles in your legs such as your hamstrings and quadriceps, exercising muscles in your arms such as your triceps and biceps, and engaging your core and therefore working out your abdominal muscles as well. Some elliptical trainers have added features, like incline or the ability to move backwards as well as forwards; these features will allow you to engage more muscle groups for a more complete full-body workout.

Cardiovascular Workout

Exercising on an elliptical trainer can improve your cardiovascular fitness by strengthening your heart and increasing the ability of your muscles to work longer and harder. When you do elliptical exercise you increase blood circulation in your body as well as your heart rate. Because your heart is pumping faster, it is also getting a workout that will help you to keep healthy and in shape. Your heart is a muscle like any other muscle in your body; the more you work it the stronger and healthier it will be (of course you should be sure not to overwork it as this will have negative effects on your health). The cardiovascular workout that you get from using your elliptical can also help to increase your metabolism, and this can be very helpful in achieving your weight loss goals.

Shed Unwanted Pounds

I already covered how to use an elliptical trainer to help you with weight loss in my article Elliptical Training For Weight Loss, but as losing weight is clearly an important health benefit I will mention it again here briefly. When you workout on your elliptical, especially if you do so intensely or with intervals of high intensity, you will be able to burn many calories. Depending on several factors such as your weight and level of fitness, you can burn as much as 400 calories in 30 minutes with elliptical trainer. As you lose weight by creating a calorie deficit, elliptical exercise is clearly and efficient way to help you shed those unwanted pounds.

To get the most out of your elliptical trainer and to experience all the benefits mentioned above, it’s important that you exercise on your elliptical regularly, at least 3 or 4 times per week, and maintain the proper body form when you work out – straight back, head high, shoulders back. Always start with a lower, manageable level of intensity/resistance when you work out on your elliptical, gradually increasing the levels as you get stronger. It’s also good idea to monitor your heart rate to make sure that you are not over-exerting yourself. Most elliptical trainers will have built-in heart rate sensors, but even if the one you choose does not have this feature you should still consider getting an independent heart rate monitor so you that you can keep track of your pulse.

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