Gazelle Edge Elliptical Review

Popular, Effective and Affordable!

I’ll be honest – the first time I saw the Gazelle Edge I thought someone had accidentally posted a picture of a child’s jungle gym instead of an elliptical machine. I had never seen an elliptical that looks like the Gazelle Edge before, and it didn’t quite compute in my brain that an elliptical could have a different shape from what I was used to seeing in the gym. Naturally I had to dig in to find out as much as I could about this unique workout machine.

The first thing I noticed was that this machine is wildly popular. Have I been living under a rock? How is it that I had never heard of this particular elliptical before? Apparently there is a TV commercial for the Gazelle Edge but somehow it has managed to elude me all this time. Whether you are like me and totally clueless to the fact that the Gazelle Edge existed before today, or you have heard of it but want to know more, I have gathered all the most relevant information about this machine here for you, so you can learn about its best and worst features to decide if would work for you.

Burn Those Calories!

Many people who exercise have weight loss as one of their main goals. Using an elliptical like the Gazelle Edge is an effective way to shed those unwanted pounds. If you weigh about 150 pounds you will be able to burn around 650 calories per hour on the Gazelle Edge by working out at a brisk pace. The heavier you are the more calories you will be able to burn. Just be mindful of the 250 pound weight limit for this machine. If you weigh more than that I would strongly suggest that you look at elliptical machines with a higher weight capacity.

In addition to helping you lose weight, the Gazelle Edge is also useful for getting a cardio workout and toning your muscles. Your heart rate will quickly elevate when you are working out on the Gazelle Edge; moving your legs and holding onto the handlebars will give you a good cardio workout. Just be sure to monitor your rate rate so that it doesn’t go over the recommended limit, as that would mean that you are working too hard and putting yourself at risk. As with any exercise regime you should consult with your doctor before starting to use the Gazelle Edge and find out what your limits are in regard to the maximum heart rate, etc.

Support For Your Workout!

How would you like to have a personal trainer teach you how to use your Gazelle Edge in order to get the best results? Well, when you purchase this workout machine you will also get a 35 minute DVD where fitness expert Sharon Money Twombly will give you some motivation as well as tips on how to use the Gazelle Edge. You will also receive a nutrition guide, which if followed will certainly help you achieve your fitness goals. The workout DVD and nutrition guide will give you the help and support you need to maximize the benefits of your workouts.

Priced For Every Pocket!

You won’t have to break the bank to get your hands on this elliptical machine. It retails for just over $100 bucks, and at that price most everyone will be able to afford one. What makes it even better is that you will actually be getting a quality machine that has been proven to work for many users over the years. You won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for cost with the Gazelle Edge – you will get more than what you pay for, and that is evident if you compare the Gazelle Edge to other ellipticals in this price range.

Folds Up For Storage!

The Gazelle Edge can be folded flat to store away at the end of your workout. I like this feature, as many ellipticals have a large footprint and cannot be easily stored away. To fold the Gazelle Edge, all you will have to do is fold the foot platforms and use the lower cable holders to snap them into place. Then you slide the front frame tube directly towards you while keeping your foot on the rear frame tube to hold it in place and voila! You are now ready to store the Gazelle Edge away. If you are like me and live in a small apartment, or you just don’t want to leave your elliptical out on display all the time, you will be able to appreciate this feature. It only weighs about 40 pounds, so the average person should be able to move it easily.

No Resistance 🙁

Alas, there is a downside to the Gazelle Edge. It does not offer any resistance and it will only work as hard as you are able to physically push it. While you can certainly work up a sweat on this machine, persons who are in prime physical condition and already work out regularly may find that it does not offer them the type of challenging workouts that they would get from an elliptical that has adjustable resistance levels. This point has me a bit conflicted as I prefer to be able to work against resistance on an elliptical, but the Gazelle Edge has so much going for it and my research shows that many people have been able to use it successfully to achieve their fitness goals. I guess it will come down to your personal preference; if you absolutely must have adjustable resistance settings then you will want to consider another model, but if you are OK with working out “naturally” then you will still be able to get a quality workout from this machine.


The Gazelle Edge is understandably a popular choice among elliptical trainers. It offers a lot of value for the money and has some features that you won’t typically find on other ellipticals in this price range, like its monitor console and foldability. If you can work around the fact that it doesn’t have any resistance, this is one machine that you will be able to use to get your cardio, tone your muscles, and even burn those unwanted calories.

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