Body Solid Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer Review

Compact and Comfortable for Your Home Gym

When you have a small workout space for your elliptical trainer but you don’t want to sacrifice performance by getting a smaller machine, you will want to look at an elliptical like the Best Fitness E1. It is widely considered to be one of the most compact ellipticals for home use available today. Although it has a compact design, the manufacturers of this elliptical didn’t hold back on the quality of the machine and they even added some extra features to make it more comfortable for you to use.

Best Fitness is a subsidiary of Body-Solid Inc, a manufacturer that has over 20 years of experience making quality fitness equipment for both commercial and home use. Body-Solid is well-known for engineering a wide variety of fitness machines and accessories to very high standards in their ISO-9000 certified facility. Their dedication to customer service and quality craftsmanship has earned them a reputation for excellence in the fitness equipment industry. Continue reading to check out more details on the E1 and its features.

Put It All together

Some ellipticals, and workout machines in general, can be pain to assemble. Receiving the package you have been anticipating, only to open the box and find a million different pieces and few instructions, will give most people a headache. Fortunately, the reports from users of the Best Fitness E1 suggest that assembling this machine is a fairly simple process. The instructions are clear and easy to read, and most people were able to put it all together in under two hours. I imagine that if you have any experience with assembly you will be able to do it even faster. You get all the tools needed to assemble the machine, in clearly-labeled plastic packs so you won’t get confused about what tools to use when following the directions in the user manual.

Compact Footprint

One of the features I like most with the Best Fitness E1 is its compact footprint. Ellipticals are notoriously large and bulky, so whenever I see one that has a compact design I always do a double-take. I live in an apartment and I don’t have a very big workout area, so space is important to me. The E1 requires a space that is approximately 48 X 30 inches; this is really compact when compared to some ellipticals that require as much as 85 inches of space. It should be noted, however, that you will not be able to use this machine directly in front of a wall as the footpads will need room to extend outwards when you are working out. If you need help deciding where and how to place the E1 in your workout space, they have a handy room planner on their website that you can use.

Ergonomic Design

The placement of the padded foot pedals on this machine was carefully designed so as to eliminate any possible stress on the hips. Hip fatigue can sometimes occur when using an elliptical with foot pedals too far apart or too close together. You will also have an easier time getting onto this machine as its design does not incorporate a center area that you will have to climb over, as is the case with some ellipticals. The E1 has a step-up height that is comfortable enough for you to get on the machine safely.

Another feature that makes the Best Fitness E1 comfortable to use is its balanced steel frame (which is powder-coated for enhanced durability, by the way); this sturdy frame keeps the machine from rocking, and it’s close to the ground with a low center of gravity. This allows you to feel steady no matter how intensely you work out on the machine. The 21-inch stride-length on this elliptical also allows for a natural and smooth running or walking motion that is comfortable enough for persons of all heights.

Liquid Crystal Display

You won’t have any trouble reading your workout data on the Best Fitness E1, as it comes equipped with large and easy to read liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor. The monitor has a blue backlight and large, bright white alphanumeric characters that really stand out; it’s a cinch to see even when you are working out at night. The monitor will show all your workout statistics such as your speed, time, pulse and calories burned. The pulse data comes from the heart rate sensors that are incorporated into the stationary handlebars.

Relocate the Water Bottle Holder

While I do appreciate that the Best Fitness E1 has a water cooler, from the user reviews I have read it could be placed in a more convenient location on the machine. As it is, the water bottle holder is located just under the right moving handlebar and accessing it during your workout is not the easiest of tasks. It’s not that you can’t get to it, just not as easily as on some other ellipticals where the water bottle holder is more conveniently located. If this sounds like a minor inconvenience, I will admit that it is, but there just isn’t an awful lot of things to complain about on this well-made machine.


The E1 is clearly designed for people who have smaller workout spaces. I like the fact that even though it has a compact design, it is still packed with very useful features and doesn’t compromise on quality. The manufacturers obviously put a lot of thought into the design and I can see why they are recognized as leaders in the home fitness industry. I always say that the warranties offered by a manufacturer are good indicators of the quality of the product. With the E1 you will get 15 years on the frame, 10 years on the motor, 2 years on parts, and 1 year on labor. I think it’s safe to say that this is a quality machine you can invest in confidently.

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